Combo Packages for Tennis Camps + UTR Tournaments - India

Silver package: 1 DreamBig Silver Series Camp + 2 UTR Challenger Tournaments (option of choosing any 2 venues)

  • Original Cost for 3 Events: US$720.00
    • Silver Series Camp: US$600.00
    • 2 UTR Challenger Tournaments: US$120.00
  • Discounted Cost: US$ 620.00 (Save US$100.00!)

Gold package: 2 DreamBig Camps (Gold and Silver) + 4 UTR Challenger Tournaments (option of choosing any 4 venues)

  • Original Cost for 6 Events: US$2040.00
    • Gold Series Camp: US$1200.00
    • Silver Series Camp: US$600
    • 4 UTR Challenger Tournaments: US$240.00
  • Discounted Cost: US$ 1500.00 (Save US$540.00!)

Platinum package: 3 DreamBig Camps (Gold and 2 Silver Series) + 5 UTR Challenger Tournaments

  • Original Cost for 8 Events: US$2700.00
    • Gold Series Camp: US$1200.00
    • Silver Series Camps: US$1200.00
    • 5 UTR Challenger Tournaments: US$300.00
  • Discounted Cost: US$2000.00 (Save US$700.00!)


Thanks to the DreamBig Events Team for bringing UTR tournaments to India! My daughter is now finally a UTR rated player and now can start her College Tennis journey. Kudos Team DreamBig!

Mrs. PatelParent (UTR Tournament New Delhi 2018)

Really well organized tournaments and events. It was my second year in a row and I look forward to coming back for more.

AdityaParticipant (UTR Tennis Exposure Camp New Delhi Jan 2019)

DreamBig continues to exceed expectations with their events. The Manila Camp was nothing short of brilliant! They are one of the few companies to ensure you get more value than you anticipate.

Mr. SantiagoParent (UTR Tennis Exposure Camp Manila Jan 2019)